The Company

Traffilog are a global provider with services in more than 28 countries providing a range of solutions to a variety of industries and markets.

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Having been founded in 2003, the principal focus of our organisation was initially to create remote diagnostics and prognostic solutions to enabled fleet owners to reduce their maintenance and repair costs. Due to the extensive time taken to demonstrate a return on investment through reductions in part and warranty costs, we quickly identified that creating a solution that delivers an immediate return on investment would be vital to achieving our significant growth plans.

Having conducted many focus groups and consultations, we quickly identified that although manufacturers were creating ever more efficient vehicles, little attention was being paid to the performance of the drivers. From this idea our driver profiling and driver skills solutions were created, these solutions have since become our standard offerings with additional services (including remote diagnostics) being provided as additional modules typically on a SaaS (software as a service) model.

This experience in understanding vehicle diagnostics information has enabled us to become world leaders in gathering and interpreting information from vehicle systems. The use of this information to identify where driving performance can be improved is what we call “Driver Skills” and we have found this to be an essential part of our service offering. Not only do driver skills events enhance the driver profile and give a more reliable risk scoring, but also it enables us to tailor the solution to meet individual customer needs. As an example some customers would like to monitor and target drivers that are not wearing a seat-belt or others may want to identify drivers that are damaging clutches.

It is widely recognised that insurance telematics delivers significant benefits to insurers, brokers, fleet operators, drivers and even parents. Given this fact it is of little surprise that Traffilog were asked by several leading insurers and mobile networks to use our experience to develop a solution for this rapidly growing market. After several years of working with these large global organisations such as Orange and AIG we are pleased to have launched the B On Track solution.

We were uniquely capable to develop the B On Track solution, in the most part due to the length of time we have been providing driver performance technologies (since 2007) and our dedication to building close working relationships with our clients to ensure that they fully utilise, and therefore receive the maximum benefit from, our technologies. This unrivalled experience, has enabled us build a range of reports and apps that inform drivers and fleet managers of where improvements can be made and gives tips on which corrective actions should be taken.

As our technology and client base have evolved, we have continually improved and diversified our solutions to ensure that we continue to meet our client’s current and future needs. The B On Track is no exception to this and we are continually improving the services that we provide using our own in-house developers and the established development community that we have built over the years.