About Us

Ownership B On Track has been build and developed by Traffilog who have been established since 2003 and have established themselves as a world leading provider of driver behaviour and remote diagnostics solutions.

Experience The B On Track solution has been built using more than 17 billion kilometres of driving experience, as well as the experienced gained by providing services to many of the world’s largest brands. Our existing customers include; Mc Donalds, AIG, Uniliver, Fedex, UPS, IBM, Close Brothers, The Environment Agency, National Express, Falck, G4S Telematics and many more. This unique experience has enabled us to build a bespoke set of algorithms that ensure that all driver related events are fair and accurate. We have found reliability and accuracy to be essential in getting drivers to buy into the use of the system and ensure that the maximum possible benefits are obtained .

Ease of use Having the best technology does not always mean that the best results will be achieved. We believe that the key to getting the most out of technology, is being as easy to use and self-explanatory as possible. Our range of iphone, android and web apps have been developed to ensure that right from the outset customers can begin using the system and get to the information they want. For fleet customers, we have also developed a range of automated reports that are sent by email, ensuring that the information people need is already waiting in their inbox when they need it.